Live support, key of an endless satisfaction

Live support, key of an endless satisfaction

7 reasons to add shopping cart abandonment to your website


Doing online shopping is one of the best practices to make things in one and also to save money. Shopping cart abandonment can be called as an outbreak in ecommerce website development services. Depending upon the choice of the user, the time, year and the website, abandonment varies generally from 60% to 80%. It can be called as shopping Cart Abandonment mainly happens when shoppers put their items in the online shopping carts, and they leave before completing their purchase. Here are the seven Reasons to add shopping cart abandonment to your website:

  • Purchase did not contain free shipping: Shipping costs can be called as an additional charge. And when a particular customer buys a product then he wants to get that product at the offered rate. Shipping charges are the charges that a buyer pays in addition to the offered price. Most of the shoppers say that they are being presented with unexpected shipping costs is the one of the main reason they leave without making a complete purchase.

  • Excessive security checks for payment: Security checks are done to stop any kind of fraud payment. One always represents personalized directions anywhere on your site in order to drive more sales and to add more customers. A number of ways are there through which one can nurture leads and encourage them to complete the transaction rather than carrying excessive security checks for payment. Payment related security checks should be made fast and easy so that customers should feel convenient to do so and not getting irritated

  • Unexpected cost presented: Cost is the main parameter that matters most to a buyer. Every customer wants to buy a product at a reasonable price. Additionally to gain the customers attraction in terms of product rates incentivized exit-intent popup can be displayed on shopping cart as well as on checkout pages. Different messages and personalized products can be recommended and presented depending on which items the customer is showing his interest.

  • Long process: In today’s running life every person wants the entire thing to get done within a small time frame. On most ecommerce website development services, users are asked to fill out many pages for information in order to place an order with the merchant, this leads to frustration and customer may also turn disconnected. Most of the merchants noticed that a substantial amount of money is getting lost due to the long working process and they are looking at any possible way to grab their sales.

  • Found a better deal: Any buyer makes any particular search to get the kind of product he wants. Customers get shocked when they see the price spike including the shipping and additional taxes that are included in total. Even bill clarification should be properly done in order to tie up the customers with the services. If a customer gets his product but if he does likes the price then he will look for some other place and may find a better deal.

  • Long time taken to create user account: When a new user wants to create a account and enter the information then a number of fields appear in front of him and he needs to fill the required information on all the different fields and this can be a deal breaker for many customers. However making the purchase process simple and fast to the customer can lead you to get over-the-fence customers who might not buy.

  • Availability of items and Complex Checkout Process: The most essential thing to build a large customer base directly depends upon the availability of the product. There should be a large number of goods available in order to gain customer experience. If the checkout process is complex then the problem lies is that the longer a customer will take to checkout, the higher the chance is that he will abandon.

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